Covenant, Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Engage Iowa Unitarian Universalists in a continuous process of learning, connection and action by increasing the power of our voices and making those voices an effective tool for change.  Build coalitions with partners to strengthen positive education, organization and advocacy.


Vision Statement

Create sustained positive change by organizing activists to end oppression and work for social justice



From the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames, Iowa

To deepen our connections with one another and to model compassionate and effective relationships for all those who seek our message of hope and commitment to justice, we adopt this covenant. We make this promise to live our Unitarian Universalist principles in our interactions with one another mindful of the larger mission and purpose of our religious community. 

To value the inherent worth and dignity of every person, we strive to 
· Listen deeply and check our understandings 
· Make space for our diverse backgrounds, needs, gifts and passions 

To enhance the possibilities of justice, equality and compassion in human relations, we strive to 
· Speak from our best intentions and assume the good intentions of others 
· Communicate directly with people when disagreements arise 
· Voice our appreciation generously 
· Speak compassionately to and about one another 

To accept one another and encourage spiritual growth, we strive to 
· Interact with others as they are, not as we imagine them to be 
· Be patient and forgiving with one another and with ourselves 
· Give help and ask for help as we need it 
· Remember our principles whenever we gather together 

To support the right of conscience and honor the democratic process, we strive to 
· Bring our good ideas and generous spirits to our community 
· Respect one another 
· Honor our decision-making processes 

Aware that our joy is more joyful, our tears more healing, our service more effective, our laughter more real and our interdependence more vivid when shared in loving community, we strive to honor the spirit of this covenant in our relationships within this religious community and with the wider world


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