Tell the IUB to Vote No to Proposed CO2 Pipelines

IUB CO2 Postcard

The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) will be voting on proposals to construct hazardous CO2 pipelines throughout Iowa. If approved, this would:

  • Extend the use of oil and ethanol, while the world needs actual proven, clean infrastructure, such as wind & solar energy. Research does not support claims that this is a viable option to lessen the impact of industry on our atmosphere.
  • Allow eminent domain abuse, forcing landowners to give up their right to choose what goes through their property. Eminent domain must only be used when it serves a public service, and because these CO2 pipelines benefit corporations and NOT the public, eminent domain should NOT be used.
  • Damage our land permanently, as have oil pipelines in Iowa — farmland was irreparably damaged at the expense of farmers.
  • Pose a huge safety threat to rural and indigenous communities in the occurrence of a leak or explosion. C02 is an asphyxiant that causes lasting respiratory damage or death. Emergency vehicles will NOT be able to run in affected areas because oxygen would be displaced by the CO2.

Please write the IUB, telling them to VOTE NO on these dangerous unproven CCS pipelines. (Tell them to vote “NO” to Docket Numbers HL-2021-0001, HLP-2021-0003, and HLP-2022-0002.)

An easy way to send this message to the IUB, and help others send this message, is to download this IUB CO2 Postcard, print it on cardstock, and pass these out to your congregation or other groups. Please ask them to write their name and address legibly, sign it, and mail it.

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