Faithify fundraiser: Outreach support for LGBTQ+ community

The Iowa state legislature introduced more than 30 bills targeting trans youth! The following oppressive bills aimed at LGBTQ+ youth were passed by the legislature this spring:

  •  Ban on gender affirming care
  •  Prohibition of gender identity in use of school bathrooms by students, staff and  visitors
  •  Grades K- 6 ban on discussing gender issues in the classroom
  •  State-wide bans on “questionable” books
  • Requiring school staff to report a student requesting to use a different name


  •  A UU state-wide LGBTQ+ Team combating oppressive acts and offering support
  •  Queer Your Faith, a monthly on-line worship service for the LGBTQ+ population
  •  Expanded website with additional information for LGBTQ+ youth and adults
  •  Resource list for LGBTQ+ youth


  • Create and distribute supportive yard signs to Iowa congregations
  • Offer skills training for youth and adult allies on advocacy and communication
  • Support smaller congregations by providing speakers and resources
  • Provide congregational support in getting out the vote
  • Organize youth and adults to join anti-oppressive actions and protests

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