Iowa Legislature has a whole host of anti-LGBTQiA bills

These are some of the bills currently under debate in the Iowa State Legislature. Your state representatives and senators need to hear from you on how you stand on these issues.  You can find your state representative or senator here:
The Legislature continues its attack on LGBTQ+ Iowans.
SF2037.  A bill that would prohibit cities and counties from banning conversion therapy.
SF2055.  A bill prohibiting persons from entering public restrooms or changing areas that do not correspond with the person’s biological sex.
SSB3084.  A bill that would mandate transgender people in correctional facilities be placed and use facilities that align with their gender assigned at birth.
The Legislature continues to erode Iowans reproductive rights.
HF2057.  A bill relating to more options for maternal support programs.  These programs use taxpayer dollars to support pregnant women but no guardrails are placed to prohibit the imposition of religious beliefs on pregnant persons.
House Switchboard: 515-281-3221
Senate Switchboard: 515-281-3371

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