Covenant, Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Connect and engage Iowa Unitarian Universalists in a continuous process of learning and social action by building diverse coalitions of UUs and partnerships with other groups and organizations in advocating for policies of equity, fairness, and inclusion in Iowa.  4/18/21


Vision Statement

Vision Statement:  We envision uniting all UU congregations in Iowa to advocate for policies that promote social and environmental justice and end the oppression of marginalized groups of people in Iowa.   4/18/21




To deepen our connections, model compassionate relationships, send a message of hope, and commit to justice, we adopt this covenant. We make this promise to live our Unitarian Universalist Principles in our interactions with one another mindful of the larger mission and purpose of our religious community. 

A).  Engagement:  We strive to engage in our shared UU community and commit to create a sustainable future for all:

  1.  Foster and deepen connections with Unitarian Universalists and like-minded partners.
  2. Seek individual and collective learning to increase understanding and connection.
  3. Share power through collaboration and consensus.
  4. Embrace change through the lens of the interconnected web of which we are a part.

B).  Accountability:  We address accountability and strive to energize one another to follow through on intentions

  1. Pledge to contribute fairly and to carry through on commitments with enthusiasm and passion.
  2. Merge faith and action to persist in defeating injustice and oppression.
  3. Voice our concerns for needed change.

C).  Acceptance:  To create a beloved community built on acceptance we strive to increase interdependence:

  1. Acknowledge pain or conflict in addressing difficult issues, speaking truth in love.
  2. Listen and validate others with respect, affirmation, and acceptance of differences.
  3. Build trust, accept the good intentions of others, and cherish life.


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