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Iowa Unitarian Universalist Witness Advocacy Network

Iowa UCC & UUs Connecting for Justice

Last spring, the IUUWAN board voted to invite UCC members to work with us on justice.  We're looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship!
Calling all UUs for Justice
Connecting Iowa UUs
We're looking for congregational social justice supporters/activists.  Four to six times a year, we're planning meet ups to connect Iowa UUs with other Iowa UUs sharing experience, strength and hope!  If you're that justice activist, just reply to this email and we'll get you on the list.  If you're not, but know someone who is, please help them connect with us.  These times call for renewed justice energy!

UUA General Assembly
Kansas City, Wednesday-Sunday, June 20-24
Closer to home this year, the UUA General Assembly might be more accessible, since it is in Kansas City June 20-14.  Carpooling, volunteering in exchange for registration fees, and congregational fundraising might be ways to decrease the expense of attending this opportunity to grow as a UU.  Here is a link to more information about how the conference can be more affordable.  For a scholarship, you must apply by March 31. 

Advocacy: how to easily and effectively work

with our elected officials
Sometimes it feels like there's nothing we can do.  And besides that, we have too much to do already.  How can you take the little time you have and turn it into effectively reaching out and impacting what our elected officials do?  How do we take the power we have and make as much justice as we possibly can?  Terry Lowman, the lead organizer for the Iowa UU Witness/Advocacy Network, IUUWAN, and AJ Segerni, IUUWAN board member and long time organizer, will present.

Below are links to of our partners in advocacy: UULAW for Iowa advocacy and UUSJ for Federal advocac

Check out this year's concert series at
First Unitarian Church of Des Moines


 From First Unitarian Church of Des Moines 
UU Legislative Action Workgroup, UULAW
                                                   The Corruption of Our Democracy Video Curriculum, TED TALK + Curriculum
IUUWAN board members are available to help you start your workshop.

The Congregational Study/Action Issue, CSAI, voted for at the 2016 UUA General Assembly is The Corruption of Democracy.  The official UUA curriculum will come out in November, but few UUs have the time to read books and prepare a course of study.  This curriculum includes chalice lights and closings and pointers for conversation.  The demographics of TED Talk views overlaps very well with UUs...curious, open people.  That makes the facilitating very easy--show the videos and UUs will make the conversation happen.  You can access the curriculum
here.  Or if you contact TerryLeeLowman@gmail.com, he will send you a thumb drive with all the videos and the curriculum loaded on it.

Individual Membership
here to go to our Facebook Page     
here to sign up for email 

Click on photo to see 5 minute video on why UU state advocacy networks matter 

Speakers' Bureau
Contact us at TerryLeeLowman@gmail.com to make arrangements. Back to Basics! A workshop or forum on how to find your voice when there's so much noise.

Because we work in coalition, we have contacts in many areas of justice: Economic Justice, Racial Justice, Environmental Justice, Restorative Justice or we can just talk about what IUUWAN is doing.


IUUWAN volunteers can do as little or as much as your schedule allows.

Donate to the general fund
$25      $50    $75    $100  Other amount $_____

$5 annual dues

 Congregational Membership
$1 per member suggested dues

Make your tax deductible check* payable to IUUWAN and mail to:

3425 Valley View Road
Ames, IA  50014

* We are totally a volunteer organization requiring very little money.  Consequently, we're not set up to take credit cards.

Donations made to IUUWAN are tax deductible under Iowa Unitarian Universalist Witness/Advocacy Network's 501 c3 tax exempt status.  

Click here to sign up here for IUUWAN email

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