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IUUWAN's purpose is to form connections and collaboration among Iowa’s UUs to amplify social justice work. Because together we’ll have a bigger impact.

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Latest News & Events

Uplift: UU services for trans and non-binary folks

Who is this space for?

This is a closed event specifically for trans/nonbinary+ people. Anyone who is trans, nonbinary, metagender, multigender, genderfluid, agender, demigender, genderqueer, questioning, and otherwise not wholly or entirely cis is welcome to attend.

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OneIowa’s LGBTQ Empowering workplaces culture virtual summit

They gave suggestions for people on how to be involved in LGBTQ issues     Here’s a link to promote a statewide series from One Iowa on LGBTQ Empowering workplaces culture virtual summit– it covers a few weeks but it’s still going on (Dec. 6 and Dec. 13) and it looks like each session stands alone.

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Available Now: Why We Cannot Turn Away: Resources for UUs Engaging Palestine & Israel

We are grateful for the presence of so many hundreds of people at the November 6 event, “Why We Cannot Turn Away: Resources for UU Leaders Engaging Palestine & Israel.” We apologize for the delay in release of these materials, although unfortunately the violence in the region continues and these conversations are very much still ongoing. We hope you will find these resources helpful for both your own learning and reflection and that of your congregations and communities.

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Progressive Voices

London-born and now Colorado and New York-based Rupert Wates will bring over two decades of thoughtful songwriting, soulful singing, and incredibly intricate guitar work to our stage. Hear why his eclectic mix of acoustic, melodic art folk, with flavors of jazz, vaudeville and cabaret, have resulted in over 50 songwriting and performing awards. It should be an entertaining evening of memorable and moving music.

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Tell the Iowa Utility Board to stop CO2 pipelines

Please write the IUB, telling them to VOTE NO on these dangerous unproven CCS pipelines. (Tell them to vote “NO” to Docket Numbers HL-2021-0001, HLP-2021-0003, and HLP-2022-0002.)

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Iowa Trans Mutual Aid Fund

Welcome to the Iowa Trans Mutual Aid Fund
We believe that every Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse Iowan should have access to gender-affirming care

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