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IUUWAN's purpose is to form connections and collaboration among Iowa’s UUs to amplify social justice work. Because together we’ll have a bigger impact.

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Latest News & Events

Progressive Voices Hosts Jack Williams

Jack Williams returns to Des Moines to open our 13th Progressive Voices Concert Series season with seasoned, insightful songs with a southern, storytelling edge, along with a unique, masterful guitar-playing style. You’ll be quickly drawn in by his warm, engaging stage presence.

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Progressive Voices Concert Series in Des Moines

Progressive Voices Concert Series Presents

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Gender affirming care–the new rules

As of September 18, 2023, the ban on gender-affirming care for minors in Iowa is in effect. This means minors in Iowa receiving or wanting to receive gender-affirming care will no longer be able to in the state. While this law is devastating for LGBTQ youth and their families, One Iowa is here as a resource to guide folks through this transition.

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Caring for our Trans Families

Join Regional Congregational Life staff and consultants for a national three session series that will empower congregational leaders to faithfully support our transgender/non-binary community members. In this series, we will examine what multi-faceted support looks like including pastoral support, structural support and resources to help congregations work toward radical inclusivity, and advocacy in the public sphere.

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Project Drawdown, 100 solutions for climate stability

A Pipe Dream for Pipe Peddlers
When it comes to the role of carbon capture technology in addressing the climate crisis the science is unequivocal. Yes, at some point in the future directly removing carbon from the atmosphere will be necessary to offset the most stubborn emissions. But dramatically cutting emissions today is the only way to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

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‘We need help and we’re not getting it’: what a surge in murders means for Black women in Iowa

More than six times as many Black women were killed in Iowa in 2020 than the year before. What is driving the gun violence?

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