Who We Are

Mission, Vision, and Covenant

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Our Mission

Connect and engage Iowa Unitarian Universalists in a continuous process of learning and social action by building diverse coalitions of UUs and partnerships with other groups and organizations in advocating for policies of equity, fairness, and inclusion in Iowa.  4/18/21

Our Vision

We envision uniting all UU congregations in Iowa to advocate for policies that promote social and environmental justice and end the oppression of marginalized groups of people in Iowa.   4/18/21

Our Covenant With Each other

To deepen our connections, model compassionate relationships, send a message of hope, and commit to justice, we adopt this covenant. We make this promise to live our Unitarian Universalist Principles in our interactions with one another mindful of the larger mission and purpose of our religious community. 

A).  Engagement:  We strive to engage in our shared UU community and commit to create a sustainable future for all:

  1. Foster and deepen connections with Unitarian Universalists and like-minded partners.
  2. Seek individual and collective learning to increase understanding and connection.
  3. Share power through collaboration and consensus.
  4. Embrace change through the lens of the interconnected web of which we are a part.

B).  Accountability:  We address accountability and strive to energize one another to follow through on intentions

  1. Pledge to contribute fairly and to carry through on commitments with enthusiasm and passion.
  2. Merge faith and action to persist in defeating injustice and oppression.
  3. Voice our concerns for needed change.

C).  Acceptance:  To create a beloved community built on acceptance we strive to increase interdependence:

  1. Acknowledge pain or conflict in addressing difficult issues, speaking truth in love.
  2. Listen and validate others with respect, affirmation, and acceptance of differences.
  3. Build trust, accept the good intentions of others, and cherish life.

Our Board and Staff

Terry pic

Terry Lowman, President

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Ames

Terry Lowman retired in 2013 from a long career in business, justice was always a passion. Married to Mark Kassis as soon as same sex marriage was legal in Iowa, he and Mark parented four children, two from Terry's marriage to a Cuban woman and two adopted from Peru. They owned three restaurants, which were often venues for charity fund raising and liberal political events. Terry was born into UCC, lost god and found UU in 1989. Terry has volunteered in a number of UU related causes, from AMOS, the local congregationally-based community organizing, starting Iowa’s UU state advocacy network (IUUWAN), the UU Funding Program's Social Responsibility grant panel and summer of 2014 joining UUJEC as co-chair. Terry is the UUJEC Liaison for State Legislative Networks (CUUSAN) and chair of the Nominating Committee. Terry is a member of UU Congregation of Miami and Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames, Iowa. Contact Terry at TerryLeeLowman@gmail.com
Marcia Swift pic

Marcia Swift, Vice President

Peoples Unitarian Universalist Church, Cedar Rapids

Marcia is Chair of the Peoples Social Justice Council.  She has been on the Board of IUUWAN for five years and is chairing its Racial Justice Action Team. Marcia helped lead the church the last four years in studying racism, white supremacy and  our own part in fostering and maintaining white privilege.

Marcia is also active in the Cedar Rapids chapter of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America, Humanists of Linn County, and Circle of Support, which mentors formerly incarcerated persons.

Marcia was a social worker for 40 years prior to retirement.  She primarily worked in the fields of aging, mental health, and chronic mental and physical health disease.  At various points in her career Marcia was a director of an agency, counselor, and teacher of social work at a local college.

Marcia lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband.  She has two adult children who live in Minneapolis and New York City.


Linda Lemons bio pic 2

Linda Lemons, Treasurer

First Unitarian Church of Des Moines

Linda Lemons, who identifies as a UU Buddhist, has been a member of First Unitarian Church of Des Moines for over 35 years. She is a retired social worker, who values the brain science of how trauma impacts us and the importance of relationships. She is a core leadership team member of Pachamama Alliance – Iowa. She believes we are in a time of an existential crisis and a new world view is needed. Her passions include restorative justice circles, racial and environmental justice, and integrating ideas from the UUA Widening the Circle of Concern, the Institutional Report on Change.



Sally Hartman pic

Sally Hartman, Secretary

UU Society of Iowa City/Coralville



Laura Frey pic

Laura Frey

UU Fellowship of North Central Iowa, Mason City

Laura has been active in UUA since 2004 when she attended the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Michigan (UUFCM, 2004-2017).  Laura has extensive experience in the field of public education (18 years in higher education and 22+ years in K-12 public schools) with roles as a classroom teacher, school administrator, professor, and education consultant.  She earned her BSE, first M.A. and her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas (Special Education) and a second M.A. from Wayne State University (Dispute Resolution). Laura returned to Iowa in 2019 and is currently employed as a special education consultant. Laura’s career and personal life work is grounded in and dedicated to empowering students and educators (PK-12 and higher education) with requisite knowledge and life skills to realize their dreams, fulfill life aspirations, and live with authenticity. Laura has also been active as a union president, a volunteer community mediator, and a hospice volunteer. Laura’s work and lifepath supports the UUA principles and the work of the Iowa Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network to education and facilitate connecting Unitarian Univeralists across the state.


4 B&S at Coralville UU 10-23, cropped & resized.

Byron Plumley and Shirley Whiteside

Cedar Valley UU Fellowship

Byron and Shirley left Denver Colorado to move to Iowa in July 2022.  They have UU friends in Colorado and attended UU events in the past, but this is their first time to belong to a UU congregation.  As soon as they entered the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalist church in Cedar Falls they felt at home in a new place.  They have both been involved in activism for justice and peace issues over many years.  They are passionate about care for our planetary home, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as issues related to US militarism and war.   They are both retired, Byron from teaching peace and justice studies at Regis University in Denver, and Shirley from years of outreach work with individuals experiencing homelessness.



Tamara Prenosil pic 2

Tamara Prenosil

UU Fellowship of Dubuque