Find a UU Congregation or Fellowship in Iowa

Ames: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames

We are a welcoming community seeking to provide opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their spiritual and ethical lives, finding the means to engage the world in creative and transformative ways. Expressions of our religious beliefs are manifest in our lives; what we do is what we believe. These expressions are apparent as we teach our children of their own value as human beings and help them gain an appreciation for the strength in the human diversity of our world.

Burlington: The UU Fellowship at Burlington IA

Since 1950 we have gathered as a liberal religious community for both encouragement and empowerment in our daily lives. In doing so we not only improve ourselves as individuals, but we seek to improve the community in which we live.

Cedar Falls: Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists

The Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists (CVUU) have been a liberal religious community in the Cedar Valley since 1961. Our mission is to be an accepting and supportive community that nurtures spiritual, emotional, and intellectual explorations, articulates ethical values, and encourages actions based on personal beliefs. This community is a voice for religious diversity, human tolerance, improvement of the human condition, and preservation of our environment.

Cedar Rapids: Peoples Church Unitarian Universalist

Peoples UU Church has been a force of social change since the 1960s, beginning with its marching for civil rights. In the 1970s Peoples’ members protested the Vietnam War, and provided a safe space for the members of the Oglala Lakota Tribe who were on trial in federal court for its role in the battle at Wounded Knee. In the last eight years Peoples Church has expanded its efforts in the struggles for racial equity and justice. We spent time learning about the history of White Supremacy in our nation and how our white privilege contributes to it. Our actions included coalition forming, marching and demonstrating, hosting book discussions and speakers. We are expanding our justice work into electoral and environmental racism. In December of 2021 our congregation adopted the 8th Principle and are in the process of implementing it.

Clinton: UU Fellowship of Clinton

We come together as a community for a liberal religious search for truth, meaning and relationships, drawing wisdom from many sources including our own religious intuition.

Coralville: Unitarian Universalist Society

We are a welcoming, spiritually diverse home. We act on our values:

Decorah: NE Iowa UU Fellowship

We meet at The Lingonberry at the address above, and receive U.S. mail at P.O. Box 382.

Our YouTube channel is at

Des Moines: First Unitarian Church of Des Moines

We are a welcoming liberal faith community in central Iowa. Together we: Grow ethically & spiritually, serve justly, love radically.

Dubuque: UU Fellowship of Dubuque

Our mission is to provide a welcoming community that inspires growth by encouraging individuals and families to examine their religious and spiritual beliefs, to explore new ideas, to share our journeys, to respect and enjoy each other’s differences, and to be active and supportive in the community that surrounds us.

We are brave, curious, and compassionate thinkers and doers. We are diverse in faith, ethnicity, history and spirituality, but aligned in our desire to make a difference for the good. We have a track record of standing on the side of love, justice, and peace.

The UU Fellowship of Dubuque has completed extensive renovation of our church, and is proud to to have received the Ken Kringle Award from the City of Dubuque's Historic Preservation Commission.

You can see pictures of our renovation here.


Marshalltown: Unitarian Fellowship of Marshalltown

We meet at the Community YMCA/YWCA at the address above.

Mason City: UU Fellowship of North Central Iowa

Okoboji: Iowa Lakes UU Fellowship, Okoboji

We are a welcoming and inclusive community. Celebrating life, we strive to inform ourselves and our larger community of our religious history and the value of independent thinking. Together we support one another, encourage religious inquiry, nurture spiritual and intellectual growth, and work for social justice.

Our fellowship meets the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 11am, fellowship before the service starts at 10:30am.  Join us at in the Bay Hill Room at the Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center at the address above. We receive U.S. mail at PO Box 93, Okoboji, IA 51355.

Quad Cities: UU Congregation of the Quad Cities

Our mission is creating Beloved Community. Our vision is to be an inclusive place of belonging that works for social justice, as inspired by our Principles.

Sioux City: First Unitarian Church