Tissue Issue: Who gives a…


UUs in Iowa City initiated an educational campaign to save the Boreal Forest in Canada and Alaska.  The issue is that people purchase toilet paper that destroys Boreal Forests which includes an entire ecosystem!  There are choices people do not think about. There are bidets, and there is post-consumer recycled fiber toilet paper.

Who gives a crap! Yes, that is the name of one of the TPs with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber that you can order.  Take a look at your local stores to see what brands you can buy!  Target has Ever Spring, also with 100% recycled fibers, alternative grocery stores may have Green Forest or Seventh Generation.

So, everyone, whether you use a bidet, order TP on line, of make smart purchases in the store, you “Give a Crap”!  Our children and our children’s children are thanking you for the preservation of a crucial entity that sequesters carbon.  The Boreal Forest is sacred and holy for indigenous people.  As I said in church last Sunday, UUs can be Holy Rollers!

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