Navigator CO2 Cancels US Corn Belt Carbon Pipeline Plan

A BlackRock Inc.-backed plan to build a pipeline that would capture carbon emissions from the US corn ethanol industry was scrapped in the face of regulatory obstacles and opposition from landowners.

Navigator CO2’s proposal to build more than 1,300 miles (2,092 kilometers) of pipeline across five Midwest states — known as the Heartland Greenway project — had been backed by investors including BlackRock, top ethanol maker Poet LLC and fuel producer Valero Energy Corp. The cancellation raises questions about the viability of similar projects supported by large agriculture and fuel companies.

“Given the unpredictable nature of the regulatory and government processes involved, particularly in South Dakota and Iowa, the company has decided to cancel its pipeline project,” Omaha, Nebraska-based Navigator CO2 said in a statement.

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A Possibility: Evolving from Principles to Values

At this year’s UUA General Assembly delegates from your congregation and others across the country will vote on whether or not to adopt revisions to UUA Bylaws that emphasize love and justice, anti-racism and anti-oppression language, and explicit statements of our Values rather than our Principles.

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