IUUWAN Board affirms Interfaith Alliance of Iowa’s statement on abortion.

Iowans for Reproductive Freedom


Statement of support from Iowans who support reproductive freedom

As people of faith and all beliefs, we raise our voices in support of the right of Iowans to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health care, including the right to safe and legal abortion, without the infringement of government or religion.

61% of Iowans in communities big and small, urban and rural believe abortion should be legal in Iowa. 61% of Iowans – Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – support safe and legal abortion. 61% of Iowans – including people of all faiths and beliefs – support the independence and bodily autonomy of every Iowan. As members of that 61%, we are united in opposing any attempt to limit or ban the fundamental right to an abortion.

Iowa’s faith community includes a wide spectrum of convictions regarding safe and legal abortion. In a robust democracy, there is room for varied and competing beliefs on important issues. Lawmakers must understand that not only do the majority of Iowans believe in the right to access abortion many do so because of their faith.

For many Iowans, defending reproductive freedom is supported by the teachings of their faith. Numerous faith traditions and denominations, including many Christian denominations, support the right for a person to make their own reproductive health care decisions without the infringement of government or religion.

The pressure to ban or hinder access to abortion comes from one fragment of one religion. In a strong democracy where separation of government and religion protect both, one religious belief should never be elevated above others or inserted into public policy or our state’s constitution, particularly when that action infringes on the rights of others. Iowa is not a theocracy and our laws must reflect that understanding.

The majority of Iowans want lawmakers to know we are tired of religion being misused to justify legislative actions that eliminate or limit our rights. Religion should never be used as the basis to harm people or diminish basic human and civil rights.

We support Iowa women and every person to make the best decisions regarding their own reproductive health care and families, not Iowa politicians.

Whether during a special or regular legislative session, we urge the Iowa Legislature to reject any effort that impedes the reproductive rights of Iowans and every attempt to restrict or ban abortion.

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